Killing Time With the Coen Brothers

The Coen brothers’ eighteenth movie, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, might be their whites...

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Dennis Hof

The Week That Perished

The Week’s Most Pornographic, Typographic, and Demographic Headlines NEVADA VOTERS EL...

All About Me

Lose Yourself

For a number of years I have been fighting a lonely one-man (or should I say one-person?) ...


Tucker Carlson

Antifa Comes for Tucker Carlson

Once a neoconservative, Tucker Carlson is now a man of the right. Therefore, to use the pr...

Joe Bob's America

Be Kind to Your Stripper

NEW YORK—They just passed a new policy at Under Armour, the giant sports-apparel company...


Adam Schiff

Pussy (Hats) Whipped

That's all you got? Two years of non-stop campaigning, denouncing and doxing -- and all...


Freddy Mercury

Homo Superior

Bohemian Rhapsody is a crowd-pleasing biopic about the life and sadly early death of Queen...


In Praise of Proud Boys

In terms of “optics,” last week was not a great one for the right. First, there was th...


Has Bloomberg Begun the Battle for 2020?

Did former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg just take a page out of the playbook of Sen. E...


Don Lemon

The Evidence Is Overwhelming

Don Lemon is a black man, and the evidence is overwhelming that black people are very bad ...


The Week That Perished

The Week’s Slimiest, Grimiest, and Hymiest Headlines MICHAEL MOORE: STILL WHITE, ANGR...

Apocalypse Now

The End Is Near?

When I was a boy, there were men, mainly quite old and apparently with nothing else to do,...

Home Front

The Most Hated Man in America

In an age of individuals, when many people have never felt a deep and abiding sense of dut...